Friday, November 21, 2008

Writer's Block pt.2

As I look through my boy's Parodi's writers block post, i realize that I am suffering from the same illness, just different symptoms. It's not that I cannot think of anything, Its the exact opposite. I have to much flowing out of my mind, and it's hard to concentrate it into a blog. Im not trying to expose my inner most thoughts to you guys, at least not yet. I'd rather provide snippets of the roots of my thoughts, and I keep thinking in chunks. So until I can organize my mind I am as blocked as my boy Parodi. This won't take long (i hope) cause as you can see it took Parodi about an half an hour to get back on it.

But before I end this post gotta big up my boy Springsteen, you can catch him at his own blog or at The Attic Society  H'UNDASTAN?


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