Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tardus Subscripto

Kanye West. Changed my life. For the better.

Listening to Late Registration. Two full cups of Grey Goose. Thoughts flowing.

I can't put a proper sentence together. The same way I can't get my life on track.

But back to the topic at hand. Kanye West. Read what he wrote on his blog recently about creativity, and this guy is on some next level shit. Late Registration was a classic. Graduation was above-par solid album. 808's was groundbreaking, but nothing like Late Registration. Musically, it was beyond ahead of it's time. I'm glad this is who I will be telling my children (if we get to live that long) about. No groupie though. Just giving respects where it's due.

Supposedly, I hear that Madlib is gon' be a producer on the next album which is HUGE. As well as Dj Premier. WHOA.

But disregarding that, I just had the urge to blog about what was going through my mind as I'm analyzing this album. *Diamonds From Sierra Leone starts*

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