Friday, August 21, 2009


What have I been up to? It's been months since I've posted something. Here's a little run down of what I've been up to.

Music wise, I've been listening to a lot of Little Dragon. Great Sweden band. Check out their music at the MySpace page. I like Forever.

Life wise, I applied to Seneca Newnham campus for General Arts & Science (HOLLA). Hopefully this is a stepping stone, or just a prelude to my future. Just waiting on that acceptance letter.

A reason for my hiatus was catching up on TV Series, like Weeds & Entourage. If you ain't on any of these shows, you should already be googlin' or bingin' 'em. I've watched a couple movies.


Great film with an amazing soundtrack.

Another film I found myself watching was Sin Nombre.

Another good film, I recommend it.

Hope you enjoyed this long post. I'll be back more and be more consistent.

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