Saturday, November 22, 2008


"You Never Really Know Anyone."

Not exactly the hot pinup glorified on most blogs, but while watching James Bond: Quantum Of Solace she said these wise words. Although Judy Dench probably just read it out of a script which changed her name to, "M" for a couple months, or however long it takes to make a movie, the words still stick in minds of those who are open to it. I am obviously one of those people. She was referring to her secret agent comrades but I found my self relating.  The reason I believe in this quote is mostly triggered by recent events but I have a point of my own.  I agree with the quote, "you never really know anyone" not because everyone has something to hide or anything. It is the fact that a lot of people don't fully know themselves and what their willing to do.  So how can you really know, if they don't really know themselves.  I wont be all emo and totally say you don't know anyone because there are some pretty solid people out there.  Also because the statment's a tad dramatic, or is it?


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