Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nike Air Yeezy's

I know I'm real late on these, but I didn't post them cause I had some bad thoughts on them. I'm not a big sneakerhead or anything along those lines. I'm not that big into the The Hundreds, Bape or whatever look. But I've been contemplating on whether I like it or not. First, I think they are over-hyped. It's ridiculous how over-hyped they are. The price is not an issue or anything. I think it's the overall design of the shoe.

(c) Livestock.
  • - The "Y" print. I think it doesn't look good at all. At first I just thought it was some kinda elephant skin, something like the Jordan III, BUT unfortunately it isn't.
  • - I'm still kinda skeptic on this one, but the strap with all Y's. As if, just naming it Air Yeezy's isn't enough.

I'm just going to end up contradicting myself in the end, and taking back everything I've said here. If I had the money and patience to wait in line, then I would actually go out in buy these. But since I don't, know..

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Anonymous said...

Shoes are wack. Period. just like you said, it's almost entirely a hypebeast thing. The price is ridiculous and what has Kanye done that is remotely close to something big in sports? Nike makes sports shoes...when since was rap a sport? I'm a sneaker head but I would NEVER line up for these.