Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rains Drops were Memories that night, each its own shape and build. as my body was hit they soaked into my soul and cleansed my spirit of all unpurity.  I could not sin this night for my spirit was washed from the stains of life.  I could not feel this without you, since grade one, we been kickin' it so hard it dented, and still when I vented it felt like I never left. I must stop before my soul cries tears of joy on confusion, and asks, "why did you Adrian, you may been unstained if you continued down the path yo..."...My mind interrupts "NO!, you would not be here without the scars, pain and tears. " continues, "Don't stress about what you did, because its done, focus on what your doing."

 When life stains, change clothes.

- A.Lame.

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