Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weekly Whine: deux

Yes, I like the Kanye album. Why is this sucha big deal for everyone that doesn't like it, I find my self being abused ( not really lil extreme there) for liking this album. I put the title of the album as my screen name, and someone that I wasn't even talking too reminded me of how much they think it sucks. My response is, really now, comon. Everyone is anti-mainstream now right? but even the 'anti-mainstream' sometimes follows one 'stream' ( if that makes sense lol). For example, In the summer it was cool to hate on lil Wayne's The Carter 3 if you were anti-mainstream, we kno this is true, so some people hated it, just cause. Those people are the ones dissin kanye's movement and singing along when I bump it.

get me wrong the're some solid people out there. They dont like it too much because of their own tastes, like my boy Parodi or my boy Springsteen from the Attic Society (plug, lol), they don't hate it, its just honestly not on their top five right now. I still know there are alot of you "anti-mainstream" cats sittin on each others dicks screamin' "Were Different!"...buuuuuhht... your not, sorry kids.

Weekly Whine, Drink up.

Good Stuff, to me at least.

- A.Lame

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GarbageJ said...

You and me both, man...

- Garbage J.
The Attic Society