Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

It is now 7:34 am Christmas Morning, Happy Birthday Jesus Christ My Lord and Saviour. As usual, I found my self up at late hours of the night doing, nothing. I pretty much chilled prepared for tomorrow morning by wrapping two more gifts, and watched Seven Pounds online, good movie. Around the later hours, like 5 - 6 am I received a gift, in which i did have to open, which was already opened, and I just had to look at for a while. You can call it Re-gifting but, a good re-gift. The gift was Memories. Good or Bad, Old or New, they were scaned through tonight or you call it this morning, and I would like to thank God for them. Thank You Jesus, only you would have the selflessness to give gifts to others on YOUR birthday, love you God :)

Merry Chirstmas Everyone,

- A.Lame

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