Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Impluse Buyer.

Yesterday I was watching M.T.V, and you know those quick song commercial things they have? If you don't its cool, but one of those came on. This was not the first time I saw it, but this time for whatever reason I acted on my liking for this quick clip. All the commercial showed was the name of the band, and they're called Kings of Leon never heard of them, but I saw it in someone's msn name one day, but thats beside the point. So I went on You tube to find this song, and when i heard it, I flipped out. You ever have those songs, that you find at the right time? Well , Use Somebody by Kings of Leon smacked me in the mouth. "So how does this all relate to the title?" Just chill n keep reading. So yeah, I went to buy a gift today cause its almost My Saviour's birthday, and as I was leaving the mall I had the weirdest urge to go find the Kings of Leon Album. I'm not even someone to buy albums, 808s & Heartbreaks was my first album in a LONG TIME. I went in HVM and found Only By The Night by Kings of Leon, and walked around the place wondering if i should buy it cause I still have more Christmas Shopping to do and i need cash. But I bought it, and I'm feeling it, not a sound I always bump, but Kings of Leon isn't bad.

- A.Lame

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