Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rant PT. 2

Well it's that time again, this time I'm on my early bird shit, even though it's in the P.M. Regardless my rant today is about this word "Swagg", "Swagger". Honestly throw that shit out the window, from the suite floor. Half of you people that use this word claim to have it. When you reeeeaaaaallllyyy don't. You have no presence. You're just another body in the room, on the streets whatever. Only time you'll stand out is if you're wearing neon pants and that shit is NOT a good look. Just cause you wear dunks, or get star designs on your head ( which is mad lame if i may add), or if you wear skinny jeans, or if you wear Stussy does NOT mean that you have "swagger", or "swagg". Fuckin' lames. Jump off the bandwagon.

Get original.


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